My Top Apps

By now you’ve probably worked out that this is a pretty amateur blog…….well it is but that’s not going to deter me. I’m still going to write an amateur list of my top apps for android ( warning i am not a genius or something, just a dude with an opinion and an android) Well here it goes, it’s not a top ten or anything just my personal favorite apps listed by category


Any do is a simple yet effective list making app, its core function is to create lists that help the user to remember and complete all the tasks they want to do. It has a simple and intuitive ( I’ve been dying to use that word) user interface and offers features including Alerts, seamless cloud sync, sub tasks , notes and amazing widgets. I’ve been using this app an awful lot these days and can’t hide the feeling of accomplishment I get when I know I have completed all my tasks of the day, I’m not really a tasky person but I’ve always longed for a way to keep organised on a day-to-day basis, for me this is the solution. Get it on Google play here: t=W251bGwsMSwxLDMsImNvbS5hbnlkbyJd


This is a simple note tasking application which allows you to take notes to your heart’s content, you can sort them under different headings , sync them effortlessly with your other mobile devices, it also has a nifty chrome extension.  Not only can it record text but also pictures, voice reminders , webpages, to-do lists and more and its all completely search able in case you get swamped in your vast array of note taking. It’s definately kept my homework desk clean. Clean up yours too for free here: t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5ldmVybm90ZSJd


Wreck It Ralph:

When I first downloaded the app I was simply intrigued as to what all the hype about this game was, after watching the movie I  became severely obsessed with this game obsessively attempting  to break king candies records. I tell a lie…..wreck it Ralph is not a game, ITS 5 MINI GAME JAM PACKED INTO ONE AWESOME APP. No matter what game you play you’ll be thoroughly entertained. One sticking point though,   it costs a hefty 65p , that’ll put a hole in your wallets……..:

Agent dash:

I came across this app on holiday in Atlanta, Agent dash has similar characteristics to games like temple run and subway surf ,but despite the similarities  at the core essence  of the game play it impresses me as its graphics and well built levels diversify it from other explosive running games on android and ios. Its defo a time killer, and can be quite engrossing…Only yesterday I yelped nooooooo on the train as nearby passengers looked at me as if I were ill. LOL JK get it here :

Cloud based:

Play music:

When I first came across Google play I was impressed by the concept but not the design but after a few tweaks I can safely say that Google have cracked it, the UI is clean uncluttered, immerse , intuitive, responsive, all encompassing ( I have superlatives for days………), in  short its really good. The audio quality is one of the best you’ll get on a streaming service. As a standalone app it serves little purpose than to complement your existing player, its USP is that it uploads your music to your personal cloud which means that android users looking to free up space can pretty much delete all the songs of their phone or SD Card (HOLD UP),………………….. you need an internet connect of course (THERES ALWAYS A CATCH) but if your always near wi-fi or have unlimited internet then this app’s a real winner. In addition its offering a Spotify like music/radio streaming service which is competitively priced , it doesn’t have the same scale of content but its definitely catching up.


DropBox is my favorite cloud storage platform, to be honest as far as cloud platforms go it does not WOW me, but at the same time cloud storage platforms aren’t meant to WOW, their meant to WORK and it does VERY WELL.  . I’m extra chuffed because as a Samsung Galaxy user I gained a capacity upgrade to 50GB , very tasty indeed.

News and reading

The verge:

For you technology enthusiasts out there this is the definitive source for technology news, reviews, and up-to-the-minute scoops. Get all the breaking news coverage and in-depth reporting in the world of consumer technology ( I cant lie i stole that from GP but its the best way to but it succintly….)

Alongside BGR its the only technology news app for me personally worth downloading.


What more can I say about FlipBoard, it basically lets users do away with every other news app on their device it brings everything you love together in a magazine style format with social integration. Easily one of the best apps to ever exist and one of my personal favs.



As a self diagnosed tweet-a-holic , I should probably be staying away from Twitter ,but like all tweet-a-holics I can’t resist just one more tweet……


Tumblr is not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me. Yeah it’s another social network but for me and a lot of people it offers an escape as you often discover things that you won’t find anywhere else.



Poweramp is an audio player that adds another dimension to your music listening experience , it has advanced tweaks and settings to get the most out of your music. When I used to own a Sony Xperia s it really increased the audio quality and it has done the same for my S3. Don’t just take my word for it though. Trial it and have a look at the reviews.


Full version unlocker:

London travel:

This app has become my personal travel companion, in essence it shows you live travel updates for your journey and can do things including planning your journey. It’s a really useful all in one London travel app.


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