Weird and Wonderful tech #1

Hey guys , I’ve been seeing a lot of unusual technology recently and I though I would start a series profiling some of the most peculiar forms of tech I’ve come across so here it goes. Welcome to the first edition in my weird and wonderful tech series

The A – Bike

20130719_173343 20130719_191742

The future of city travel is here. For those seeking a fast, light and efficient way to travel look no further. Designed by Sir Clive Sinclair the A-bike is a unique folding bike, the smallest and lightest of its kind in the market. The A-bike marries a revolutionary design with a lightweight frame.  It rides just like a normal bike, but then folds up and can be popped into a zipped bag allowing it to be taken anywhere…on the train, bus, plane, you name it. It is the result of 5 years of research by Sir Clive and his team at Sinclair research and represents a truly modern, innovative and downright cool form of travel. Heat treated aluminium ensures its sturdy and light making it a convenient travel tool. It folds in under 10 seconds made possible by the innovative 3 click telescope mechanism.  It’s perfect for commuters travelling around the city and offers a simple and practical solution for anyone wanting to cycle more. Now for the businessy part…. there are two awesome versions of the A-bike to purchase, the ‘A-bike plus’ for a spring special offer of £139 and the’ A-bike city’ for £289. Hurry, Limited stocks apply.


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