Why you should be using Online Video for your Business


Online video is a sustainable and growing source of revenue for businesses worldwide. Many now call it the future of advertising, as we speak businesses big and small are taking advantage of the benefits of embracing online video, here’s why you should too.

5 reasons why you should be using Online Video for your Business 


YouTube recently announced it receives 3 BILLION views a day, equivalent to nearly half the world’s population watching a YouTube video each day.

UK digital ad spend is expected to continue to grow by 11.6% to £5.9bn this year. And in 2014 digital will leap by 10.6% to £6.5bn.The market for online video within the digital space is growing. Businesses are investing more on digital advertising platforms such as online video.

Online video levels the playing field

Online video has opened up the opportunity for small businesses to brand themselves and reach a mass audience on a relatively low budget. One example can be seen in the case of Orabrush inventor Dr. Bob Wagstaff, who simply didn’t know how to market his invention. After parting with a few hundred dollars to create a promotional YouTube video, the view count soon rose from 5000 to over 18,000,000 views, he went from struggling to get local suppliers to listen to being swamped with orders from over 40 countries worldwide.

People ‘want’ more videos

Consumers are actively ‘seeking out’ online videos; the keyword “video” outranks nearly any other keyword you can think of. Just go to Google trends and search “video”.

Online videos are quick and easy to digest, more engaging to view and bring to life everything from products and places to people and experiences.

Also, did you know that Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and countless other Search Engines give priority to websites containing video content?

It gets your message across quickly

It is a way to engage with people that’s comprehensive, quick, intuitive and relevant.  It can be difficult for businesses to get their message across in a way which caters to all within their intended audience quickly. Online video changes that as it allows business to creatively pitch their story succinctly to their audience within a limited frame, engaging the audience so that they are more likely to interact. This is essential as online Consumers spend an average of 1 minute on a webpage, highlighting the need for highly effective advertising delivered in the shortest time possible.


Online videos nowadays are the ‘go to’ source of information for companies wishing to explain an idea to an audience with impact. Explainer online videos simplify complex information, making messages clear and easy to understand. Companies are increasingly turning to this method to present their ideas to the world. Video is also a triple threat, people can listen to, read and see your content, this is an effective format of multi sensory communication as it ensures a company’s message is understood by a wider variety of people, therefore impacting across all mediums and reaching a wider audience.


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