Watch “Twitter Powered Vending Machine (TELUS & WWF-Canada)” on YouTube

It never ceases to amaze me how the power of social media can be leveraged to create wonder. From a marketing perspective something like this could certainly create child like excitement about a new product or service.

This time it’s about pandas and the  WWF’s mission to protect wildlife.

Watch as tweets result in plush toys for all big and small :D, through the power of Twitter.


Google Map Dive

With Map Dive, you can skydive through the air as the Google Maps mascot Pegman, navigating a series of gates to land on famous monuments around the globe. Hit the target and you might just see fireworks, not to mention a few easter eggs along the way.


Wouldn’t this just be an awesome way to navigate the skies using Google maps, I can just sense the excitement coming from the skydivers among you

Trent TV Christmas competition

To win some amazing prizes ranging from club tickets to Capital FM prizes, make yourself a funny Santa bear… #NTU #Christmas #prizes. Enter via Vine or Instagram : ) Ready go !!!!!


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