Sony Xperia Z1Mini-Review


It was the opinion of the verge that the Sony Xperia Z1 the Sony best smartphone to date. As an avid admirer of Sony’s smartphones (a sony Xperia s being my first), I expected a lot….. and after reading what I call many reviews and YouTube videos. I consider myself infored as such to post a super mini review as I’m way to lazy to do a proper one.

I must say I certainly agree with the Verge (disclaimer: I agree with everything they say as I’d like to work for them in the future)…..

This thing is awesome. It packs a punch despite being a relatively small smartphone (small for android that is).

It has an excellent 720p ips display, tons of neat features and as always an amazing camera,in addition to some nice beef under the hood including a 2300mAh battery.

Bigger than the1,800mAh, 1,900mAh 2,070mAh batteries found inside the HTC One Mini, S4 Mini and Motorola Moto G. Me Gusta !!!!!!

Did I mention it runs android 4.3 ? (I obviously did not and that is a stupid question nevertheless) I’m confident this will fly of stockists shelves and Sony really have outdone themselves here. People are calling this an iPhone 5 competitor…it’s safe to say me likey… : p

It’ll retail at £450, rather hefty which is the one downer I can be bothered to think of, however call it a clean £400 Sony and I’ll throw in unpaid internship work and we have a deal.

Peep the video above by my long time imaginary girlfriend and tech crush Erica Griffin for more : ) xoxo




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